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Accessibility systems for public transport
pneumatic and electric doors, access ramps and platforms. PSD Doors

Platform systems

Masats Platform Accessibility System is a Platform Screen Door (PSD) system that consists of a barrier installed at the edge of the platform that it is synchronized with the on-board door of the train. It’s an essential system for automated metro lines. 

PSD provide an important safety device preventing accidental falls in the track and at the same time helps to improve the climate conditions of the station reducing the noise and improving the quality of the air in the platform for the passengers.

Masats offers a modular system to combine different modules or utilities to configure a customized system that adapts to each platform’s needs. The modular system makes for easier assembly and installation. It enables the use of a broad PSD surface for better passenger experience.

The cutting edge flush door design offers a modern image and many possibilities for customization options: advertising signs, CCTV circuit, first-aid kits and others.