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Accessibility systems for public transport
pneumatic and electric doors, access ramps and platforms. PSD Doors


Masats’ guiding vision is to create products that improve the quality of people’s lives through better mobility.


Masats seeks to fulfill its vision by:

  • Motivating Masats people to place our customers’ needs first.
  • Offering our customers products and services they can always trust.
  • Creating and maintaining a work environment that encourages Masats people to participate fully in decision-making as well as in the results for Masats.
  • Ensure that what we do is done ethically and with full regard for the environment.
  • Create wealth for all of Masats stakeholders, including excellent employment opportunities for Masats personnel.


Our people are Masats’ most important asset.  People who create a common future project together, who share it, and who are committed to it.

We believe in responsible people, who work freely and with a desire for self-improvement that helps everyone grow.

Our strategic thinking is based on permanent innovation, focus on the customer, and market growth.

We stand out among our peers because of our service to customers, our quality products, and our communications with customers and employees.

We firmly believe that we have to collaborate to improve the general wellbeing of men and women in the twenty-first century.