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Accessibility systems for public transport
pneumatic and electric doors, access ramps and platforms. PSD Doors
Lift KS7 stairs
Intercity door
Volvo Intercity

Inter-city buses

The range of inter-city buses contains two different ranges, with one adapted more for city-type doors and the other for inter-city type doors, which require greater watertightness.  Depending on the needs of the customer, we have inward-opening and outward-opening doors, adapted more for city use, and outward-opening doors with interlocking, more suited to inter-city use.

Pneumatic and electric doors on inter-city buses represent a commitment to quick opening and the need to provide greater quality of sealing in terms of wind or external noise entering the bus.

We offer also ramps and Lifts for access to inter-city buses. With ramps for low floors or lifts positioned on the steps of the vehicles (type KS7)


014a Electric outside opening

015 Pneumatic outside opening

015g Electropneumatic outside opening

009g Pneumatic  Inswinging

029g Electric Inswinging

012 Pneumatic outside opening

022 Electric outside opening

028C Electric Sliding door 

KS7 Lift

RM2 Manual Ramp

RE1 Electric ramp under floor

RT1 Telescopic Ramp electric + manual