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Pneumatic compartment system in the Vanhool EX

Van Hool exhibited their EX “Extremely efficient” vehicle at their stand during the most recent Busworld fair in Kortrijk, Belgium. Coinciding with their 70th anniversary celebrations, the Belgian firm Van Hool presented a vehicle at their stand with Masats pneumatic luggage compartment system.

Drivers and passengers can benefit from the comfort of this pneumatic opening system. Opening and closing the luggage compartments are much easier and also contribute to better ergonomics for drivers and passengers as there is free space above people when they put their luggage in. Plus, the system is simple as it allows for easy assembly and maintenance. 

The EX vehicle includes the sensitive edge option for the luggage door to offer the utmost passenger safety. The rubber strip features a sensor that stops the cover and reverses the movement upon contact with a person or obstacle.

The driver can also open the cover manually if there is a lack of air in the vehicle.

This system has also been built into other Van Hool models such as the TX Altano and TX Astronef.

In the United States, Van Hool also offers this option for their TX model.

Masats is the leading manufacturer of pneumatic and manual equipment for luggage systems. Since 1986, thousands of luggage holds can be found throughout Europe as a complement to Masats pneumatic and electric door systems. Masats: 50 years serving people.


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